How to a Convert Mobile Home to Real Property

How to a Convert Mobile Home to Real Property thumbnail

To a Convert Mobile Home to Real Property, you have to ensure the property you want to place the home on is zoned for mobile homes. After that, buy land and have it deeded in your name or have the land transferred to your ownership with your name on the deed. Then, Place the home on the land that is deeded to you. You need to make sure that the title of the home is in the same names as the property deed. Next, put a permanent foundation on the home.

Forth, ensure the finance company is aware of the conversion when you do not own the home outright and has given you written notification of their approval along with a copy of the title. After that, Surrender the title and file an affidavit with your county that requests a transfer of status in additional to any other forms your municipality requires. Last, ensure that the title is canceled with the local Department of Motor Vehicles and the county tax commissioner’s office.

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