How to become real estate agent in Virginia

To become real estate agent in Virginia, you have to remember that real estate agent responsible for their own expenses, the brokerage firm doesn’t withhold income to pay taxes either. Besides, you need to take 60 hours principle of real estate, 52 hours national portion and 8 hours for Virginia state portion. In addition, the candidate must pass the final test in the classroom before taking PSI examination. Other than that, the candidate should pass both portion to be consider as a license real estate agent and apply for a license at DPOR or REB. Moreover, visit NVAR website or check with the brokerage firms for initial education. Furthermore, complete 30 hours of post licensing-continuing education prior to the first renewal of their license.

Otherwise, real estate agents have to take 8 hours continuing education each two years as a requirement to renew their license in Virginia. Apart from that, set up your own hour, organize your own appointment, spend money at front for real estate agent expenses and there is not any guarantee to be a successful real estate agent.  Additionally, you need to own enough money in saving for the first 6 months for cost of living before seeing any money come from real estate transaction. Besides that, keep in mind that there is good amount of initial cost as well to get real estate agents up and running to run their business. Last, do not forget that it is available many additional fees along the way to maintain real estate license and to market yourself as a real estate agent in order to reach potential buyers and seller.

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