Idea and theory about Flood Management

If the detained amount of upstream water flows, of course in the estuary the amount of water in cubic will be decreased. The dispose of water in estuary to the sea will be smooth. In fact, there is no flood, but there is water overflow. That is very simple theory and it will be better if the treatment should not be made complicated. Let’s start with this simple theory.

In the Dutch colonial era, we already experienced flood (1920), so the western flood canal is created .

Is it necessary to make artificial strait from Ciliwung to Cisadane? It is not necessary. We just have to normalize and maximize the ability of the Ciliwung River.

Now, we just have to maximize Ciliwung with three systems. The first one is kompas on 3rd of October 2013 page one) by the Governor of DKI Jokowi & BUMN Minister Dahlan Iskan called as Long Storage system. The second one is fly water tunnel (steel pipes) that this works when needed, also accelerated the flow of the water. The third one is unlimited storage system.

If we apply these three systems to the malignant Ciliwung River, the river is certain to be controlled. These methods have actually been thought since ten years ago. But, the naming has been given recently, Long storage project has been truly be realized including the other two systems. The sucess of this system can not be separated from the smooth drainage, beyond the distractions of garbage in the river and also rob that is extreme.

Just let Pluit Reservoir only 20% (16 Ha), that has function for more 80% (64 Ha), splitted by concrete walls, normally eight feet, dug into 10 feet that is 64 acres. It means that the capacity is 6,4 juta m3. Don’t fill this with water, just keep it empty. When the flood is coming, stream the water to 64 acres while we are pumping the water to the sea, the reservoir between 16 acres and 64 acres connected and can go back and forth as needed.

I treat it the same for BKT. The water that flows into BKT diverted to the river as usual. The estuary door closed, so BKT will be emptied too. When the flood came, you can contain it in the canal. If you already filled it half of the capacity of the canal, the water is pumped into the sea. This is that called flood prevention system. If BKB / BKT and reservoir systems are running, I believe this will reduce flood 80%.

Many rivers in Jakarta are black. One of them is the river at Jl.Gajah Mada Jakarta. Since When? And until what year you want it will have black color?

The black color is a pity, why? Because no one is care about it, while it is one of the mirror of the capital city, Jakarta. Actually, the black water can be filtered with system ……… ! The infrastructure is also cheap and the quality of the result is equal with Ciliwung water that comes from Bofor. The formulas the and methods exist. It is simple, but amazing. The maintenance is also very cheap.



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